Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Calling all warriors

It's been another long while since I've written, and if you've faithfully followed me and been one of the wonderful people who have asked me to write more... I'm sorry and thank you for standing by:)

I felt inspired to write tonight, life inspired me to write and change inspired me to write.
It's occurred to me that this crazy ride we are all on is so many things... It's heart wrenching, unpredictable, stunning and breathtaking. This ride can inspire us to be better and it can tear us down to the bone to teach us just how much we can take. Or maybe it is to show us how strong we can be. There are no promises in this life, there are no sure things.
I am a firm believer of  life is what we make it. We are exactly where we are today as a result of how we handled what  bump we may have hit yesterday. We have been heartbroken, abused, cheated, tested, turned down, torn down, disrespected. We have had hard battles and easy streets. We've cried. We have felt deflated, broken and just uninspired and under appreciated. But let me tell you. You can pick yourself up... You can do anything your heart desires, your soul requires. You can start again from square one, from wherever you left off before you were torn down. Life is a ride... An unpredictable ride. So who's to say that you aren't in for the most breathtaking, unbelievable ride of all. Dream it... Do it. You are a fighter even when you feel there's nothing to fight for. Those pieces that are broken and shattered into a trillion bits in places you can't see will all fall back into place. You will survive. And after you do, you will have taken this lesson with you.
You will look up at the nights sky and see beauty not sorrow.
Life's chapters open and close. The pain we feel when we know one is closing is unprecedented and perhaps seemingly unbearable.
Take a beat... Cry. Feel the pain. Let it pass over you and through you and then breath... Pick up your chin and  carry on my friend.
Never forget you're a warrior in this life.
And know that the sun always comes back after a storm.
However long it may take...

Sigh... Not sure who that was for. But I hope it helped...


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Favour Ndubuisi said...

Am inspired by ur words thank u so much Chelsea, luv u