Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirty thirty?

Well it's been a pretty damn good week to send off my twenties. I love the beautiful souls I am lucky enough to call friends with all my heart. 
I wouldn't go back to being 22 if you paid me. And I am so unbelievably grateful for the lessons I've learned this far in life. 
My 28th year was exactly what they say it's meant to be "time of change and new beginnings"... Boy was it ever. 
Being a bit lost turned into me becoming incredibly strong and grateful. It was my defining year.
I learned the power and strength I had as a woman. I learned my worth. I accepted my flaws and learned to love myself regardless. 
I learned what love is and what I deserve. And how to give openly and selflessly. I learned how important family is, and how much I value the incredible women I have and how we are meant to lift eachother up. I learned that I could raise two babies without any support and it was not just ok but empowering. 
I learned the spirituality I have inside of me and it's not a man in the clouds but the energy and power of intentions. I learned I don't like to eat things with feathers. I learned I like to run and squat.
I learned the importance of thought and knowing when to think a bit more.. And a bit less. 
I learned that my twenties were for a series of epic failures so I could become the woman I want my children to admire, and learn from. 
And I'm still getting there... 
I enter my (it's hard to write...) ahem 30's (whew)... Excited. 
If I learn and grow even half as much as I did this past ten years than life's going to be pretty damn sweet. 
Thanks for reading and witnessing the ride:)