Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pauly Boy

my next blog on the artistic side of things is about a musician called Pauly Boy.

The first time I heard him play was live in Hollywood. "Till we meet again" made me cry; and after hearing it was about a couple in a terrible car accident, I feel just as touched every time I hear it. That doesn't take away from every single song of his, all of which have a haunting quality to them. He is a unique hybrid of, (and I hate comparing anyone to anyone) Jeff Buckley, NIck Drake, Elvis in his good looks, The Beatles for their song writing, and Johnny Cash when he hits those smooth low notes. There are so many processed, over synthesized musicians out now; and when I find someone who moves me like this, I feel like it's worth taking note and spreading the word. Oh and this is recorded in a home studio, word is; he is recording in Nashville soon. I'm not joking either.

Check out his myspace and/or facebook for his songs: