Sunday, July 18, 2010

Healthy obsession

Or so I think...

I'm kinda into cooking because it's actually really... dare I say it... fun. Even if you burn boiling water, you can learn how. This is coming from a girl who's specialty was macaroni and cheese, up until 5 years ago. Find a recipe, follow exactly what it says, and every time it will get easier ( and tastier). Practice makes perfect :)

So here is a site I love for healthy AMAZING ideas, recipes and tips. I get their magazine sent to my house every month, find something in it that looks like it would be a $20 dish in a restaurant, ace making it at home and than serve it to my man. I do NOT consider that cheating, btw ;)

Bon appetit!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Teen Choice and Tuesdays (your new favorite day)

So we were nominated for a Teen Choice award again this year! We actually don't know what we are nominated for, but will find out next week; so hopefully I can let you all know asap and you guys can help us by voting for MIOBI! Pretty please ;)

Also, I want to remind everyone that we are now on Tuesdays at 9pm (after pretty little liars) which is AMAZING. Especially if you are like me and can't keep your eyes open late enough to watch the show at 10pm (our old time slot). So now we are back at 9pm like we were first season, but on Tuesdays!

What else... hmmm. Yeah that's about all the excitement in my life as of this week. Thanks for reading:)

Here's a random, pretty picture for your enjoyment.

And here's another slightly darker one.