Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hiatus makes me think.

It's funny how I am an actor when there are so many things out there that fascinate me beyond belief.
Some things I feel really passionate about are, astronomy, psychology and archaeology. I am a stalker of yahoo news (if you haven't noticed) and other up-to-date sites for new information about these things that I am so far away from yet feel so close to.

Another thing I am really into is finding new causes and figuring out ways I can help contribute. Being in the industry I'm in, and being able to reach people around the world, I am searching now more than ever. So I am more actively promoting and want you to take a minute to check it out and find a cause on their site you feel u want to help. You don't have to do much, but even checking it out and signing up helps a bit. We spend so much time reading gossip mags and sites and if we take 10 minutes out of that to do something like this, we would make a change.

After this blog I am going to post something a bit more upbeat cause I know I've been Debbie Downer lately. I guess on my hiatus I get inspired to look outside of this bubble.

Although it seems there are at least a few of you who feel what I'm saying, and that makes it worth it to me. So there.

XO Chels

Friday, March 19, 2010

“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.”

I guess what's been stopping me from doing this project lately is the simple fact that I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of what I am taking on. All I want to do is contribute to the movement. The embrace yourself movement.

For decades we have listened to our mothers. We've been raised to love ourselves and yet we all emulate what we saw. Insecurities in the women who raised us or the need to keep up appearance. Even watching movie stars; looking flawless behind their vaseline-lensed cameras with flattering lighting and impeccable makeup. We've perused through magazines and the unattainable images they portray. We've been heartbroken, and rejected for a woman that represents something we're not. We as a whole put this incredible image of a woman on a pedestal held so high that no-one can touch it. We are all flawed. And even the few that seem unflawed are, themselves, flawed too.

The pressure to keep up. To keep up with what society tells us is perfect, is causing us to enter a time when women are no longer women, but plastic shells of what women used to be. Our children are going to grow up in a time when not having had plastic surgery is the rarity. When everyone starts to look the same because they are all trying to look special. Although the only thing that is moving us forward towards more plastic surgery is more technology. There has always been something that women have done to "enhance" their looks. Their outer shell. If we spent so much time enhancing our inner shell, we would be a much better society.

Still, things will not change and nor do I expect them to. Men and women are sexually fueled by what they see on the outside (initially, at least) and this helps the obsession. Of course, it's not just getting the life partner we want it is also getting the job we want and life we want. All of this seems to be hinged somehow on being physically attractive. All I hope is that I can encourage young women and men to work towards being the best that they can be. Many try to look like their favorite model, singer or movie star and in the process lose themselves and their true beauty. We are all flawed, we all have our self-esteem issues and when we can learn to love who we are and feel good about ourselves we will find a sense of self. The sad thing is that for many, this doesn't come until later in life. If somehow self love and acceptance can come at a younger age the focus will be on more important things, teens will grow up to be more successful happier adults, and suicide rates will come down.

If only the rest of the world would take action and stop putting images of unattainable males and females into the world and maybe more realistic instead.

So I'll continue on thinking of things big or small, to do my part in finding beauty in the unlit, untouched bodies of the world...

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 of my favorite things...

So I have been bothered by the fact that I haven't done a blog since October. I'm going to be better about that now, and appreciate you all checking back for updates even when I'm gone for months. Let's start new and to start of my blogging again I'm just going to post a few of my favorite things... So here you go:

1. - Awesome if you have a shoe fetish (like most women do) but your bank account doesn't appreciate your fetish as much as you do. You get a new pair of shoes every month and a stylist makes monthly suggestions for you to choose from! All for about $39 a month! Yup guilty pleasure right here...

2. - I love this magazine and their website. It inspires and encourages me to eat healthy and cook healthy. Also very informative about what to buy and what's going into the food we are eating, and how to eat to lose weight or feel your best!

3. - This stuff has gotten me through colds in a day. I can't recommend it enough. Take it at the beginning of your cold and you will be thanking me. Also take less capsules daily as a homeopathic health maintenance for your immune system. They even make it for kids!

4. - Okay, you wanna get into shape.. you asked for it. This is a 12 DVD workout plan that will WHIP you into shape in 12 weeks. Based on muscle confusion, this has a different type of workout all the time so you don't plateau but instead keep getting more cut and closer to your goal faster! And you don't get BORED!!!

5. - By FAR the most underrated shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is huge in other countries, but North America is very obsessed with label and price. "If it's more expensive it must work better" not true. I've been given every expensive brand under the sun and why I love this stuff is it's under $5 a bottle and they have so many different products. Dry hair, hard to grow long hair, limp hair, colored hair... you name it. It is really good stuff and why spend $50 on a bottle when it's all made in the same factory?

6. - I love watching this show and learning. Simple as that. He's kinda cool and I learn a lot about health and good tips, etc.

7. This is my favorite store to shop. So I couldn't leave it out. They have Womens, Mens and Kids. LOVE their stuff. I've also heard that they might be doing online shopping soon... hmmm.

8. and - These are two sites that are amazing in helping people and causes around the world. If you feel helpless and don't know how to contribute all you have to do is signup and/or sign a petition for a cause and you will get sent different emails with options to do your part. Signing a petition is a good place to start and a great way to do your part. There are options to donate as well, or buy their cool apparel.

9. - I love their sound and the covers they do. Beautiful, and takes me to a place. I listen to these guys on my way to work.

10. - My new favorite artist. His voice is classic yet so unique, and his music really is beautiful. I listen to him on my way to work too, and think he's going to blow up once everyone hears what he has to offer.

There you go! 10 of my favorite things... hope you enjoy, can't wait to hear what you think. Maybe they will become your favorites too.

XO Chelsea