Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eat right

Wow two posts in one day, I'm really on a role haha.
Okay I just wanted to quickly post this cause I saw it and thought it was something we should all know. It kinda goes along with my last post because it's about eating healthy and doing things now to prevent cancer, etc later. And I'm sure you will look better on the outside too (for those of you who may be more concerned with that).

Anyway check it out:)

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Xo Chels

Wanna know your thoughts...

....on this article. I, for one, am naturally very thin and was actually teased about it as a child. After having my children I filled out and carry any weight I gain in my butt! I'm proud of it and the day I grew hips and filled out was a happy day for me. If I don't work out or eat right I don't feel good about myself, if I do then I focus less on what size I am and feel good because I'm healthy. I would rather be healthy on the inside and be a bigger jean size than be scary skinny because I'm not eating right or working out. Being skinny and flabby doesn't feel good to me. Being fuller and maybe more muscular and toned makes me feel great. So I think we should focus less on size and more on what you are doing to make you the size you are. Be your natural you, your healthy you and whatever size that is, so be it! You will probably feel amazing if you know you are doing what you can to take care of your might body and soul!

Now here's that article that sparked this: