Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo project update

I just wanted to do a quick update about my photo project... since I am back at work on MIOBI I am putting it on hold for now. I want to make sure I can give this the time and love it deserves and right now I can't. This is still something I feel very passionate about and your photos have inspired me and moved me. So please bear with me while I focus on the show and know that I am planning on diving back into this around Feb.

In the meantime I will be trying to update my blog as much as possible ;)

Xo Chels

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So I commented on your comments (which were both touching and overall so awesome to read) and as I mentioned, the videos I posted really got me thinking today and sparked some ideas. I can't really get into them all yet because I am still working out the details... but basically I am going to start rolling the ball by posting two pictures of myself taken in the last 2 months. They are both me with NO makeup, NO retouching and NO fancy lighting. Just me.

I have blemishes. I have scars. I have freckles. They make me, me.

And to begin this I ask that if you feel so inspired, as I do, send me a photo of you the same way. Beautiful in your flaws, hiding nothing, just you. I will also post more photos sans makeup, as I know these are small so it's hard to see the full effect of what I'm trying to do.
The first 50 photos I receive will be part of my small project.

Email photos to: chelseasbeautyproject@gmail.com

Love. Chelsea.

Perfect ?

Okay, so first off all THANK YOU for all the amazing responses to my last blog. I was so happy to get them and can't wait to do more research on the suggestions. You guys have apparently been to some amaaaazing places (that I've never even come close to visiting) and I can't wait to visit one. I will let you know where I end up:)

So on a more serious note.. I came across a suggestion on my youtube account. It is a video on photoshopping, a subject many people feel very passionate about. As an actress, I would be lying if I said that I've never been photoshopped. My guy is a photographer and I've seen him work magic to some of the actors and musicians he's shot. About 99.9999% of the photos of models and actresses you see in magazines are photoshopped, and what this is doing to young women is pretty serious.
When I was 14 I weighed 95 lbs and still felt like I was too curvy (something we aren't told as young women, is that when we start to take on a womanly shape it is simply that. Not excess weight. So I looked down and saw hips and freaked out). I like many teen girls had pictures of my favorite actresses and models on my wall and wanted to be as beautiful as them. I had no idea that even they don't really look like that.
So this video brings up a very unique and interesting idea and I thought I'd re-post to see what all of your thoughts were on the matter. Maybe it's not the answer but it at least kind of educates people on the matter.

I am also posting another favorite (I called it video two, below) that I'm sure a lot of you have seen. It takes you from beginning to end of a photoshopped image.

K. That's all.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Peace. Love.


Video One

Video Two

Dictionary definition of the word Perfect:

Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
OR...Conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type.



Okay, that was mine.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interactive blog ;0

Okay, so maybe it's my brain wandering again and fantasizing about a tropical vacation that drove me to do this.. but I am going to probably run out of time this hiatus (break from shooting) to actually take another vacation. Either way, I will be doing a much needed trip between now and March. I'm thinking sand, tropical fish, clear blue/green water and sun. Somewhere I can have a hut and a massage and a drink and maybe even a bit of seclusion. Or forget all of that and let's just say anywhere beautiful and exotic and relaxing.
Not sure what part of the world I'm thinking of here... I just have a make-believe place in my head and wish I had the "I dream of Genie" syndrome to get there really fast.

Any ideas? Links to places or pictures? Where have you been or what have you heard of that sounds spiritual, dreamlike and relaxing? Secret spots, even?

Let's get some posts going on here. This should be fun. I'm gonna see what I can find too:)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pauly Boy

my next blog on the artistic side of things is about a musician called Pauly Boy.

The first time I heard him play was live in Hollywood. "Till we meet again" made me cry; and after hearing it was about a couple in a terrible car accident, I feel just as touched every time I hear it. That doesn't take away from every single song of his, all of which have a haunting quality to them. He is a unique hybrid of, (and I hate comparing anyone to anyone) Jeff Buckley, NIck Drake, Elvis in his good looks, The Beatles for their song writing, and Johnny Cash when he hits those smooth low notes. There are so many processed, over synthesized musicians out now; and when I find someone who moves me like this, I feel like it's worth taking note and spreading the word. Oh and this is recorded in a home studio, word is; he is recording in Nashville soon. I'm not joking either.

Check out his myspace and/or facebook for his songs:



Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A sweet fan named Mary has taken over the fan site realm and created http://www.completelychelsea.net/

Check it out, she did an awesome job and will have all the up to date info and news on miobi, etc. :)


Here is also some other fan art I thought should be shared:) Such great creative people out there!

ABC Family announces MIOBI renewal!!

Yay!! We couldn't be more thrilled to get the news that we will be making 10 more episodes of Make It Or Break it in October! Thanks to all of the fans support, the story will go on:)
Here are a couple press releases with the pickup details.

I'm off to NY, so might not blog for a couple of weeks... will surely be tweeting though. That seems to always follow me around ;)

Again.... yaaaaaay!!!



Sunday, July 26, 2009

I feel like the worst blogger in the history of bloggers!! All these social networking sites are more like anti-social networking sites. So enough blabbering on my part. We wrapped the first 10 episodes of the show, and our ratings and reviews have been great. It's crazy to see fan-base be born and grow, it's really so cool to see people enjoying what you've worked hard at.

So here's an artist for you guys. His name is CHASE. Started out as a graffiti artist and is now world famous. Chase has been published in countless books and magazines, hired by Nike, Western Union and way too many other ones for me to even list. There is probably not a country in the world that hasn't been graced with his murals. Chase's artwork displays strong messages that aim toward light and life and one of his most famous quotes "remember who you are". I am lucky to call him a dear friend, and his big personality is just as touching as his larger than life art. I can't even begin to explain so just check it out on his site.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Set your DVR's!

Okay, so I swear I will slow down the amount I talk about MIOBI. I just have to do this post cause we are airing on Monday!
So everyone please set your DVR's or just tune in and check out or series premiere! I'm so excited I can't handle it... it's been so long since we filmed the first episode and I can't wait for you all to see it:) The plot only thickens too, so make sure to stay tuned in ;)

For info on the cast, interviews, video clips, photos and more go to:

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Disney/ABC Upfront presentation!

Last night we went to a party and presentation of all ABC's new shows, to promote for international distribution. Around 600 people showed up from around the world and they showed a clip of our show to them before bringing us on stage. Here are some pictures of the party after and us just before, as well!

Also check out this months issue of  "M Magazine", we are featured on their 'it list'. Such exciting changes, and we're still sooooo excited for everyone to see it all : ) 

Happy Memorial day everyone!
Xoxo Chels

Friday, May 15, 2009

Behind the scenes photos, the cast meets Nastia Liukin!

So we were on set yesterday and got a surprise visit from Olympic gold medal gymnast, Nastia Liukin! You've never seen such giddy girls. Living and breathing gymnastics for 6 months, we have come to idolize her and all the other "greats". 

I posted a photo of it, and below are some more behind the scenes; including my gymnastics double and I. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspiration at it's finest

I think it's about time I suggest everyone check out this photographer.
His name is Teren Oddo, and I happen to know him very well. He shoots musicians, fashion and entertainers/actors.

I am posting only a couple of his most recent photos that I LOVE so much they inspired me to post this blog, but his site has some equally inspirational stuff that I'm not posting here; so check it out.

Love always;

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick update

So I know I  haven't blogged for a while. I swear I'm going to get better about this. 
We've been shooting Make it or Break it (our new, and official title!) and now are on episode 3. It's going very well and I can't WAIT to see what you all think about the show; it's so different from anything else on tv right now.
So, abc family has our site up and running... here's the link (it's minimal right now but will be added to more and more)

There is also a little teaser video on there too...

Okay so enough about that: )
I will be posting cool stuff I come across to share with you all this week.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bob's Backyard

So in doing all of this conditioning, etc for Perfect 10, my gymnastics trainer Carolyn decided to spice it up for me so I wouldn't get bored. We went to a place called 'Bob's Backyard'. And it's literally stunt legend Bob Yerkes’ backyard. This guy is in his 70's and has been around since Elvis was doing stunts. He has worked with everyone on everything (including Circus with the Stars) and decided to turn his backyard into a place for stunt wannabes from around the world to come and train (without any trainers). There are old trailers everywhere and people living in them. Crazy.
So, here are some pics and you can see that people started to file in and train. Pros and beginners.

This is the inside of one of the trailers someone would stay in.

Practicing on silks.

Here is the craziest; you know when you see someone in a movie go flying through the air after an explosion or something? Ever wonder how they do it? Nitro.

Without the nitro:

With the nitro:

All they do is run up to a small board/platform and then it sends them flying through the air. It's apparently the most dangerous thing in the stunt world. I can imagine why.

Here's  a video about Bob.

Chels: )

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rudy Fig

So I have been made aware of an amazing artist based from minneapolis called Rudy Fig. She is only 20 years old, and her art is a mix of doll-like women/girls and candy. It's really very visually satisfying and I thought I'd share it with you all!

Check out her myspace for more paintings.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here we go...

So here I am starting my first blog... 
I love writing, always have. So I figured this would be the best way for me to keep in touch with the world and satisfy my craving to write. 

So...my life, my life... I'm entering a new chapter that I'm very excited and naturally a little nervous about. The pilot I filmed in December has been picked up for series! ABC Family has given us a 10 episode order, and we (meaning the cast and I) are all soooo excited to get going!!! The picture is the three other leads and me, by the way.

Now here comes the tricky part. I'm in 5 day a week training to build muscle mass (I'm naturally slight in frame and need to be more muscly like a gymnast), for 3 of those days I'm training twice a day. After going to a nutritionist I've been put on a 110g of protein/day "diet" and that includes 2 shakes a day; one whey the other egg-white based! 
Whew! Writing it down makes me realize how much all that is! It's amazing the difference I've seen in 3 weeks.. now we have about 6 more to go till we start filming. Crrraaaazzzzyyy!!!

I have to say the thing I'm probably most excited about in all of this is how fresh this show is. Here you have a plethora of shows showcasing girls who are shockingly thin. Ours is showing young girls that healthy young women who take care of themselves and kick a$$ in the gym, are beautiful! Our cast is stunning and athletic. All of the four girl leads take care of ourselves and all four of us are different shapes and sizes. 
I can't tell you how refreshing this is to me... and I'm sure it will be to thousands of other people. I'm so sick of the pressures young woman (and hey, even men) feel to be small or look a certain way. Let's motivate our youth to take care of themselves and give them healthy role models. And listen, I'm not sitting here preaching from my keyboard. Teen years are teen years and that comes with drama. It's just nice to know that the world is about to see a show on air that resembles all of our favorites but one which is based upon athletic, driven teens. It excites me immensely.

And on that note... I'm gonna watch a few of my guilty pleasures before bed. 
Kinda a crazy first blog, but hang in there and check back for some updates. 
I'll try to make it more often than not... depending on how much I have to say ; )

Love and peace