Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breath in life.

I can handle problems when they needs to be handled. But there is always one thing that breaks me down each and every time. Suffering. I cannot process suffering. And hearing that a child is suffering is the worst thing I can possibly imagine. It kills me, it rips and tears me apart and I wish I could fix it. There is nothing I can do, and knowing that suffering is happening collapses my heart and soul. Life is so precious. We take for granted the simple things we take pleasure in. The beauty in simplicity. The ability to wake up in the morning and look a loved one in the eye. Simpler yet, the ability to wake up in the morning.
We are so quick to complain. We need to all take half a second each day to be grateful. To feel how lucky we are that we are not suffering and that we are blessed enough to be able to complain about a hole in our sock, or our work schedule or the barista doing our coffee wrong. Live and let live. Enjoy each breath. Relish in each moment. Do one thing each day to put a smile on even one person's face.
I'm heartbroken today. Not because my own child is suffering but because some else's is. It breaks my heart looking at my own babies faces knowing how lucky I am and how much we take for granted every day. I can't heal the broken, but I can help remind each and every one of you to take in every moment and be grateful. Ask yourself, is your problem is really a problem? And find joy in the small things.



Katy said...

This is so true. I needed to read this today. Thanks Chelsea! :)

Anonymous said...

Hay que vivir cada día ... Hay que vivir mejor día a día ... También puedes hacer que tu día sea la inspiración de otro y estés colaborando a esta causa noble que estas comentando con necesidad ... Está en nosotros revertir ciertas situaciones a nuestro alcance y sumar ... ! ?

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Anonymous said...

i was abuse kid and a fostor child and guess what i survived and do as you do. i try every day to turn people unhappy faces into smiles. all it take is one person to make you mad and upset all day and because your upset you make someone else unhappy. its chain until its broken. i break the chain and i refuse to let any make me unhappy and i choose to try to turn you around and make you happy. kindred spirits i was abuse i made a choice not to be a vituim and let it go and now i am blessed with a happy family with two beautiful daughters that love gymnastics and your show. thanks for putting smiles on there faces.

Darcy said...

Hi Chelsea, I read every word of your blog this morning and feel deeply connected to you. My daughter, Summer Joy, died last year just after her 23rd birthday in a motorcycle accident. The similarities between you and her make me wonder if you were twins somehow. You not only look so much alike, your mannerisms and way of thinking and communicating are also so similar, and the way you feel about fashion, etc. are so alike that I felt I was reading something from Summer. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you! For embracing what makes you unique, and finding that mysterious place inside and manifesting it to the outside. If you'd like to see my dear Summer, I put up a website for her at Much love to you Chelsea! It would be wonderful to meet you someday.

Anonymous said...

The Warhol quote on the blog site is actually a variation on something Einstein said: Either everything's a miracle, or nothing is.
I think your posting about the universe and your blog about suffering are profoundly connected. If we are alone, then we have two choices: either nothing matters, or everything does. And it's up to us to decide. If everything does, then everything is a miracle, and every decision (I use that word because of the character Emily Kmetko) is our responsibility -- and we can't abdicate it to some unprovable deity. It is our responsibility to aleviate suffering - and it is our choice.
All religions skirt the question of suffering in a world presumed to be controlled by a just god. But I think Chelsea's right - the only real answer is personal empathy, backuped up by honest action. Nobody can cure all suffering, but we can strive to alleviate it whenever we have the chance - by taking responsibility for the collective humanity we share.
Chelsea, you are a very fine artist, a good heart - and I wish you well. And I sincerely hope that by now whatever your child was suffering has resolved itself, and that everybody in your life is once again happy and healthy.

Ashley Kaye said...

Well said!

Unknown said...

That totally made my night....Thanks Chelsea.Ps loved the binge drink movie;)

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing women Chelsea, it's just..I'm really surprised to have found this page, to have found you as person and not only as actress. If your aim was to create direct lines with people, true contacts..beh, you got it.

Not a "fan", a common italian girl (who loves lasagna too - how I can't?)

Good luck for everything,

Melanie said...

I JUST said this yesterday to my Facebook friends. People seem to lose sight of what matters in life. Life is too precious to be spent on silly, stupid things. Breaks my heart whenever anyone dies because every life is a blessing.