Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You. Writing me.

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot.”
D.H. Lawrence

I got so much feedback on my "God did not create the universe" and would like to take a moment to let you all to know that when I am posting I am only sharing. When I choose to stay unbiased it's simply because I really don't want to hear that I am right or wrong from either side, especially about such a heated topic. I do have my beliefs (and although they are strong) I post blogs like that to see everyone else's take. So please, feel free to voice your opinion freely (in fact I love it when you do), but notice that I am not taking my stand in cases like these.

So please don't try to convert me assuming I'm an atheist, or educate me on religion assuming I don't know anything about it. I love science, yes. I post scientific articles from time to time. But let's not let blood boil.

I love you all and it's nice to see some passion in this world. Thank you for reading my ramblings and random thoughts.

Next post will be fun, just give me a few days.

XO Chelsea


Fernando said...

I love science too, I'm studying mechatronic engineering and I love to see our universe in a scientific way, I'm looking forward for your future scientific posts.

I don't know what to say about "religion vs. science" (mainly because English is not my first language and all my ideas are in Spanish and is hard to put it in words) i know its not a fight but some people likes to see it that way.

I'm not an atheist but i feel more comfortable believing in science.

I like your blog :-)

Un abrazo ;-)

Katy said...


Anonymous said...

You are right. They sumpli are intolerant, they think the only truth is the obe they know. But you can find ppl with open mind!!!

I Love you chelsea!!!

Sylvestre said...

I like your philosophy (although I don't agree completely) and your open mind :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the topic promises to be quite interesting! The thing is, we (humans) have come to a critical point where we have to make a breakthrough. There are so many troubles we have to fix down here on the Earth, and it's actually up to science after all. But a brand new science, based on the understanding of the Universal order. And it's here where science and illogical intuition come together. If they don't we'll stay where we are. I personally think of us as different electro-magnetic fields meant to be multidimensional and am sure enough there is a force that we belong to. Whether you call it god or whatever. But that's just my personal opinion :)

GigiRouge said...

Hi Chelsea! I very much understand what you mean. I try to stay away from those kinds of topics because they just get very political, and one starts harrasing the other. I do have religious beliefs but I also agree and like science, to me, one supports the other.

Fernando said...

Hey Chelsea, this is interesting


what do you think?

pietercjm18@yahoo.com said...

Hi Chelsea! nice topics, you must be very smart and brave. however, earth is the only place in the universe that we can breathe.. :)

Unknown said...

Science is my religion!! Nice post and blog Chelsea!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello,Chelsea)My name is Ann,i'm from Russia,I'm 18 years old.As I read your blog I can say that u're very deep and interesting person.I want ask u one question:what can u advice me?I feel a big potential in myself but I cant realise it.I'm afraid because in my country don't like people like me.I feel that I can do more than I do everyday.I have a good voice and my dream is to sing.Should I struggle for my dream or should I just forget about it and live like another people live?
I hope i will get an answer--u're my last hope
take care of yourself
and best wishes

Anonymous said...
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Giovanna Galioti said...

Hi, I'm Giovanna, 17 years old and I'm Brazilian. I loved your blog, that made me think about some issues of my life. Please keep writing. I'm your fan, not only because you're a great actress, but by saying what you think. I appreciate that!

XO from Brazil! :}

Edgar García said...

Hi Chelsea!
I like what you post. I've seen on the show Make It or Break It Kmetko as Emily.
I like your participation, and also are very beautiful.
About God, I am a Christian and I thank God for your life.
Blessings to you and your family.
ñ_ñ I'm happy!
(I do not know English very well. I'm sorry.)

Edgar García said...

if you want to read books of Gibran Khalil Gibran.
I really like.

Edgar García said...

Your profile picture reminds me of Hinata Hyuga.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, i dont know what i believe it's al sooo confusing!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Chelsea! I like your blog and I would like to start writing one. do u have any advice? I found your blog because I know you as actress and I think you are great in your job. But how can I make my blog became popular?
Kiss from Italy

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea! Every now and then I check in on your blog and I'm never sorry. You're so right, religion, faith, and spiritual beliefs are hot topics. I admire you for sparking the debate and getting people talking. It is very obvious by your posts that you are a young woman of strong convictions. Whether you are a Christian, Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist or something else doesn't matter to me, your beliefs belong to you. What I like most about your posts is that they are uplifting and enlightening. I hope to see more posts from you soon, keep caring and sharing! ~Melinda

Meriem said...

Your articles are written with a subtle pen! You've got a real talent to put words on your ideas and feelings. It's as though you dunk your quill in the honeypot.
You know how to make us interest in a subject so you learn me. Keep it up!
(sorry maybe i did lot of spelling mistakes i'm a french woman) . MERCI CHELSEA!

D.A.Howard said...

O.K. so this post is way late. I saw you for the first time on Make it or Break it on Netflix and you stole my heart like a little sister might.

Stephen Hawkings has lost credibility in the scientific community as recently as 2011. Scientists are working with a thing called Quantum Mechanics (other realities). Based on this Stephen Hawkings said that, although the chances of life randomly assembling from base chemicals is basically impossible, with infinite realities it makes it possible. So we are just that 1 in an infinite chance universe where it happened.

However, his theories have been shot down. Quantum mechanics does not function like he assumed. He even said that there were infinite Big Bangs. Well, there is no evidence of that, either.

I am a social scientist, so physics is not my field. However, When your peers shoot down your theories, it puts on you shaky ground in any field.

God is still there. Scientists will never be able to prove Him away. There is science to support God as well.

Basically, religious people have better marriages, health, mental health, relationships and live longer. I think this is God touching the heartbeat of mankind to tell everyone: "I am here. Let me be your new friend."