Friday, August 27, 2010

For the ladies.

Okay, so these are the things that make my blood boil. (but first...)
I go home and see the lack of billboards in my face (everywhere I turn) and it's a huge sense of relief. That being said, regardless of billboards or not we are in a sick society that has pushed a warped female physic into our minds. We all know exactly how woman are "suppose" to look. Here's a good test: go to google and type in "perfect woman's body" and see what comes up.

When I was a little girl I had an idea of what I was going to look like when I grew up and the more I grew up the more I was disappointed and put pressure on myself. Why? TV, internet, magazines, etc. "We" never feel it's enough. That we're enough.

Here is a picture of what a desirable woman's body used to be:

Cellulite; check. Ass; check. Love handles; check and then some. When did that become disgusting? Why is it? Woman are starting to look more and more like men, the way woman think they need to be perfectly toned and slim. The ones who don't are looking plastic. It just saddens me because I don't know how, for our daughters, we can stop this trend. How do you not have your child become affected by what society has become and what these messages are sending to young women. There have always been pressures but I truly feel we are reaching an ultimate low as a society and letting it happen. Between plastic surgery and the media world we live in; I'm terrified. There is only so much confidence you can instill into a child before you need to let them go off into the world.

Anyway, sorry so preachy tonight I just see this so much where I work and live. I see girls in leotards all day long and I see how everyone single one is affected. Trying to keep up. Simply because this is our world. Why are we never good enough? If we all start to choose to be, than maybe we will. Be healthy, live healthy, and you are sexy, beautiful and the best you that you can be. Here's your second piece of homework: google renaissance nude, 1950s women, victorian nude, your favorite artist and see what you find. Find what you see when you look into the mirror, print it, put it on your mirror, and see the beauty.

Thanks for listening.


ps My favorite model Crystal Renn was developed an eating disorder in her modeling days. She is now healthy and SO beautiful.


shayna said...

I completely agree with you! Everyone I know are trying to fit that "perfect woman" look. And I hate seeing people getting so much plastic surgery.. they look fake, and think women look more beautiful without the plastic surgery and photoshops!

alycejo said...

I loved this!
Those pictures are inspiring. I think being stick thin is revolting and unnatural.
It's all about being healthy and happy, no matter what shape or size

Katy said...

Amen. Thanks for sharing that, very inspirational.

Alexander James said...

I know this one's for the ladies, but I just wanted to say that I really hope you've changed your mind about growing up disappointed because it's obvious you're stunning.

Anyway, I agree with you and appreciate this post.

Pauly said...

Chezlee I so agree. Your words are so intelligent, passionate & important. Keep on sharing your points of view!

PS, where can I find some women like that in these photos?

- Pauly Boy :-)

GigiRouge said...

I have become my favorite actress ever! i agree with you!

Veronica said...

Hi Chelsea
I have no expectations that you read or even respond to this just so you know. You have so much going on in your life that something like this might not be to important but I´ll try anyway.

You are a fantastic actress and you have a good head on your shoulders. I would have loved to be you when I was your age
I could really need your input on my jewellery and art since you are the kind of person that I want to like it

I hope you drop by, and that you dont see this as shameless promoting on myself. I just hit a wall and need inputs

Unknown said...

Hi Chelsea,

I just want to say this truly resonates to me. I always watch you on MIOBI and I watched "The Snow Queen" the other night, haha!

I have binge eating or compulsive overeating disorder, and one of the first factors I put out of the equation when I realized I had an eating disorder is the MEDIA. I've grown up looking at really skinny girls in Hollywood, wanting to be like them, striving to stay thin... There's a really good book called "Hunger Pains" by Mary Pipher that talks a lot about the social judgement in regards to people's appearance.

Just wanted to add my two cents and hopefully you'll read my blog or something. You just seem like a really cool person: I admire you :)

Good luck with season 2B!

Rhiannon said...

Look in the mirror, your the media girls are comparring themselves to.

Unknown said...

i have to say that reading this made my day ive struggled with my body for years because it did not fit in to this perfect mold that everyone thinks women should be and it nice to her that someoneele is fed up with it

Crossroad Reviews said...

One I love Make it or break it!! Two yes america is obsessed with people being thin. I weigh 245 lbs. and my daughter is about 65 lbs at the age of almost 7 im not skinny but i don't over eat. I don't exercise as much as I Should either. but being over weight or not extremely skinny is not a bad thing as long as you are healthy and happy don't loose weight for someone else do it for yourself and don't loose weight GET HEALTHY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you´re right ,people are obsessed with beeing thin or perfect and we have an extrange mentality about the world!!! the important thing is to be healthy and happy and sure of yourself!

Emily said...

Chelsea, this is a wonderful post. Too many girls today are struggling with body image. It's ironic that in the age of feminism, many woman/girls are snubbing their noses at...womanhood?

Brooke said...

This is an AMAZING blog, and an especially great blog post. I think the pressure from society is completely overwhelming, and we are forgetting to place emphasis on the things that matter, like health, happiness, and inner beauty. I would love for you to check out @TeamTrueBeauty on Twitter. Ayla, Josie, and Cassie are all great supporters of the organization!