Sunday, September 13, 2009

Perfect ?

Okay, so first off all THANK YOU for all the amazing responses to my last blog. I was so happy to get them and can't wait to do more research on the suggestions. You guys have apparently been to some amaaaazing places (that I've never even come close to visiting) and I can't wait to visit one. I will let you know where I end up:)

So on a more serious note.. I came across a suggestion on my youtube account. It is a video on photoshopping, a subject many people feel very passionate about. As an actress, I would be lying if I said that I've never been photoshopped. My guy is a photographer and I've seen him work magic to some of the actors and musicians he's shot. About 99.9999% of the photos of models and actresses you see in magazines are photoshopped, and what this is doing to young women is pretty serious.
When I was 14 I weighed 95 lbs and still felt like I was too curvy (something we aren't told as young women, is that when we start to take on a womanly shape it is simply that. Not excess weight. So I looked down and saw hips and freaked out). I like many teen girls had pictures of my favorite actresses and models on my wall and wanted to be as beautiful as them. I had no idea that even they don't really look like that.
So this video brings up a very unique and interesting idea and I thought I'd re-post to see what all of your thoughts were on the matter. Maybe it's not the answer but it at least kind of educates people on the matter.

I am also posting another favorite (I called it video two, below) that I'm sure a lot of you have seen. It takes you from beginning to end of a photoshopped image.

K. That's all.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Peace. Love.


Video One

Video Two

Dictionary definition of the word Perfect:

Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
OR...Conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type.



Okay, that was mine.


  1. As a young girl, its terrible to look at photos of beautiful women and think that they're perfect and I'm not. I have to keep in mind that the photos are retouched and NO ONE can look like that. I think that photos these days are excessively retouched, way beyond reality. Obviously these people are not trying to cause harm (only make money), but they are leading girls to have low self esteem. It's a complicated issue, but at least some teen magazines (like Seventeen) use real girls in all shapes and sizes, showing that every type of girl is beautiful! Ok, my very long response comes to a big of an ambiguous and irrelevant end!

  2. very well said! ! ! Good job Chelsea!

    Marcy (beaslma)

  3. That is the whole reason I don't want to work in that industry. I just wouldn't be able to deal with making girls feel the way they do about this subject. The way many of the retouched photos have made me feel growing up. Its just not right.

    And I know that I'm aware of the manipulation that images go through, but I usually fail to think about others who don't know about it. I usually assume that everyone knows about photo manipulation but that's not the case. Its just really sad what these images do to girls. =(

    As part of a Women's Studies class a year ago, I helped revamp a website and we have a few pages about this. A LOT of amazing videos.... for anyone who wants to check it out: Cup of Jane

  4. Thank you Chelsea! I'm tall, 5'10", always have been tall, so I got into local modeling when I was 12. It didn't last long, it was just too brutal. Anyway, I didn't realize back then that everything/everyone was fixed up to look perfect. I knew I wasn't perfect and I eventually ended up with an eating disorder. I'm ok now, at least in that respect, but it is important for girls/women to know that no one is perfect.

    Thank you for bringing up this subject and sharing. It's a serious issue.

  5. The second video is pretty cool.

    I don't think photoshopping should be banned. It doesn't matter whether or not images in magazines are photoshopped or not when society itself is promoting this beauty agenda. If a girl in one's class is stick thin, that's even worse for one's self esteem than looking at a picture in a magazine because it's obvious that she's real. Or watching people on television who are extremely thin; you know they're at least mostly real, because TV can't be photoshopped.

    I'm so tired of people being categorized as "thin" and "fat," because those terms are so subjective and both extremes are bad places to be. I wish that collectively as a society we could see that the happy medium is the point we should be striving for, and people should be categorized as "healthy" or "unhealthy."

  6. Making the image of a woman more beautiful than she already is isn't anything new. Today it's Photoshop. Before computers, artists used airbrushes. Photographers also use lighting techniques. Before the photos are even taken, the model applies makeup to cover flaws. In order to become a model in the first place, women workout, diet, whatever it takes to make themselves get the appearance of perfection.

    What is really annoying to me, though, is reading a blog from a woman whose images define perfection. You are putting down the average woman by griping about perfect images then displaying perfect images of yourself. Instead of being a hypocrite, Chelsea, why not post a picture of yourself not wearing any makeup and that hasn't been Photoshopped. I'm willing to bet you'd still be beautiful.

    Ultimately, an attractive woman is beautiful on the inside. She has self-respect and respect for others.

  7. I actually have a project in the works and it involves exactly that. My wish is not to further the problem but to help it, and I cannot control what images are displayed but only show people that I, too, am flawed... despite what a magazine may show of me. My plan is a project that will go beyond me and my peers but also show beauty in every single woman who plans to participate. Like I said, I am married to a photographer and know the process and this is what has inspired me to bring more light to the subject, even if it is an ongoing topic.
    And in my photos I opt out of photoshopping when I can, or try to keep it to a blemish being removed not changing my features.

  8. I'm one those people that yes as I was growing up I wanted to have certain features, a certain body type, a certain look. But for some reason, I got over that want and just focused on being me. There is enough hardwork that we put trying to find/discover & to be the best of ourselves without trying to be someone else that we probably can't be... Don't think that I am 100% satisfied with the way I am because I am not and because I am human and I find my physical flaws & from time to time I feel the that maybe I should try and achieve the looks of those people I see on TV/magazines...

    ...Maybe it is laziness on my part that I really don't feel the need to achieve those looks because to me to get to achieve a specific look I will need to go through a heck of a lot and that is just not something I would want to go through... I would rather just go about my usual activities and be who I am..

  9. Chelsea - I think it's great what your doing. I am also married to a photographer and Photoshop is just part of the business these days. He tries to do as little as possible. Also I have a four year old daughter who is already very into image and at such a young age it scares me. I want her to know she is beautiful no matter what height, weight, scars, blemishes etc she has. You are a great role model for the next generation! Looking forward to hearing more about your project!!

  10. Everyone has great points. It's a tough subject too. Beauty is so important to people in this day and age because they feel it is what will get them ahead in life. I just happened to watch an episode of "Just Shoot Me" where two men go after the same position, one overly qualified but average, the other incredibly attractive but dumb as a brick. Well, the attractive man got the position. Even men have to contend with the issue that sometimes people just prefer beauty over brains. It's unfortunate, and I love all women, regardless of flaw (actually, more than likely especially because of flaw). Especially women who are so naturally beautiful like Chelsea. But I do agree that it is a problem that needs addressing so that teens grow up understanding that being themselves is more important than trying to be everyone else.

  11. Thank you so much for posting this!

  12. Its a lot of vanity for women to conform to. Chelsea could add a little meat to her bones and still be great looking - maybe better. The way too skinny models and Hollywood stars are getting way too thin. The main thing is to be healthy and fit which will vary for every women because they all are built a bit different. Too bad society is so vane.