Sunday, September 13, 2009


So I commented on your comments (which were both touching and overall so awesome to read) and as I mentioned, the videos I posted really got me thinking today and sparked some ideas. I can't really get into them all yet because I am still working out the details... but basically I am going to start rolling the ball by posting two pictures of myself taken in the last 2 months. They are both me with NO makeup, NO retouching and NO fancy lighting. Just me.

I have blemishes. I have scars. I have freckles. They make me, me.

And to begin this I ask that if you feel so inspired, as I do, send me a photo of you the same way. Beautiful in your flaws, hiding nothing, just you. I will also post more photos sans makeup, as I know these are small so it's hard to see the full effect of what I'm trying to do.
The first 50 photos I receive will be part of my small project.

Email photos to:

Love. Chelsea.


  1. Please try to make your photos full sized, not too small (like mine were too small). At least 1250 pixels in height.

  2. you know... i love to see when people don't wear make up. yes, it can enhance different parts of your face, but to me... nothing beats a natural face.
    I think you look gorgeous without make up. I think everyone does. I actually don't wear make up except probably once a month or when I get bored. LOL.
    I'll send you some pics =)

  3. oK... i feel a little funny sending you pics for your project without knowing more about it... care to enlighten us? =)

  4. one are a beautiful girl, but WHY do so many now a days (god am i that old?!) have their face covered up so much with their hair. Was that semi-intentional knowing the type of picture taken ?!

    Just asking.

  5. you look gorgeous without make-up!
    and then i just want to say, you're awesome!!

  6. Sent mine. Haha. This is fun! XD

  7. I posted you before. I agree with Annaaa. You are beautiful. I will add that, like your husband, I am a photographer myself, and I do appreciate your working on this project. Most of my work is for newspapers, so I am not a big fan of altering photos beyond cropping and adjusting colors to compensate for a four-color press and for printing on off-white paper that soaks up ink. I believe that what a person looks like is God's gift. It's OK to wear makeup and dress up to be beautiful, but no one can compete with the perfection created by Photoshop. Since I posted you last, I have been thinking, as well as looking at magazines (Seventeen really caught my eye), and something else occurred to me that I never before thought about: When an image is altered, what kind of look are the technicians shooting for? I'm guessing perfect skin. But the video on your first blog shows the computer people moving eyebrows up and stuff like that. I was dumbfounded. We all have different tastes on what makes a person's appearance beautiful. I think that if 10 Photoshop techs were asked to alter the exact same photo to make the model "perfect," the finished products would be 10 different images, because beauty is a matter of taste. All women should realize that to some man out there, she is gorgeous. In closing, I want to apologize for calling you a hypocrite. I may have misunderstood the intentions of your blog.

  8. You look beautiful Chelsea

  9. Hey Chelsea,
    I just sent you an e-mail with my contribution for your project. I came across your blog when I was looking for new episode dates for Make It Or Break It. I am 23, and every time I say I watch that I get chuckles from people haha, but I think it's an awesome series. You're a very good and believable actress as well as your friends, and I just love to watch it. So I wanted to say congratulations. It's also nice when an actress approaches people in such an ordinary way, like you do, as if you were one more girl in your town. But you're very known and yet it seems you conserve your simplicity. I like your project topic; let us know how it goes!

  10. Melinda O'BrienOctober 15, 2009 at 9:25 AM

    Chelsea, what a wonderful idea! I am a much older woman who just stumbled on this thread after looking at your IMDB profile. Did I see you dancing in an episode of 'Glee'? It wasn't listed.

    Anyway, girls and young women are so influenced by what they see on TV and the idea of one of their role models saying hey, this is the real me, is just awesome. By the way, I really do like 'Make it or Break It' a lot, and Emily is certainly my favorite character on the show; she is so down-to-earth! Keep up the good work!

  11. As a teen striving to act, I know how difficult it is to keep the "perfection" up. As a victim, I've learned to survive in this crazy appearance obsessed world. But, remember Audrey,
    I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected it to do anything special for me, yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it. ~Audrey Hepburn

    You are beautiful and a role model. I'll continue to watch your show in awe. Thank you for this touching blog!
    ~Carolyn Thorn

  12. What's wrong with freckles? I like them, proof is... I have them too :D

  13. Chelsea you are so pretty! With or without makeup. It's so fantastic of you to put those pictures up. I love watching you on MIOBI, you're great.

    Happy New Year Chelsea

  14. What does your tattoo mean?

  15. Hi Chelsea,
    I'm completely enchanted by Make it or break it. And you know what? If you weren't in it, I wouldn't be as captivated as I am. And you're the more gorgeous girl I've ever seen!

    It's a shame that I didn't see your blog before. When I read about your project, I felt that it was sooo amazing. You are amazing. You're so down-to-earth! ...
    Though I guess you received enough photo for it, I think I don't have anything to lose by sending you a picture of me. It would be an honour to be part of your project! And finally, I just want to say that you seem to be such a great person and I admire you so much! Keep on your awesome work. I wish you all the best in your life!

    Ta plus grande fan de la province de Québec :) ... Why not? !

  16. thanks Chelsea... I am so excited to find your blog! As someone very critical of MIOBI at first I am now hooked. Thank you for sharing your feelings on the beauty of imperfections...

  17. Hi Chelsea! i just wanted to say that you are an awesome actress! :) i hope you are doing well.