Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eat right

Wow two posts in one day, I'm really on a role haha.
Okay I just wanted to quickly post this cause I saw it and thought it was something we should all know. It kinda goes along with my last post because it's about eating healthy and doing things now to prevent cancer, etc later. And I'm sure you will look better on the outside too (for those of you who may be more concerned with that).

Anyway check it out:)

Till next time...
Xo Chels


  1. Thanks for sharing another great article! My husband and I are on an Eat-Clean diet right now. We are looking and feeling a lot better. I also splurge and buy the Organic Milk. I refuse to feed my daughter processed cancer causing hormones! I wish more people out there were aware of this. And I wish the companies that produce these chemicals in our food were demanded to go back to the old healthy/non cancer causing ways of making food. Another thing we just heard on the news and something worth looking into is about apples and that they contain toxic levels of arsenic. All juices that contain apple juice concentrate are all supposed to be affected. I want to live in a world where we dont have to worry about what we eat because we know that our food is safe. There are other countries out there that don't have/or have very low cancer population. I think we need to take some lessons from them.

  2. Great post... Love you in Make it or Break it.... You MUST come back ... You were my husband's and my favorite character :-(

    1. Come back come back.. Is your husband jealous of you and Damon cause I would be lol.. Jk but miobi really needs you in it though, even if it's one glimpse I would be totally happy with that!!

  3. Awesome post! Chelsea, this is why you are my role model. Miobi was not the same without you because you were kind of the person I thought was real. Like Emily Kmetko's house wasn't big like Kaylie Cruz or Lauren Tanner, I mean your life was real and I was so sad when you left the show. You are seriously my role model because you are an AMAZING actress and I do acting as well so you have been my role model and you have truly helped me become the actress that I am today so thank you SO much. I really hope that you see this but I doubt you will because you are probably very busy. So I just wanted to take some time just to show you how much I admire you.