Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My sweet friend Natasha sent me this pic of us when we were younger... I'm clearly SO pumped in my leather jacket about to see Janet Jackson perform. Oh, the 90's...
Gotta love Janet though.



  1. how sweet :D

    God bless!

  2. chelsea i think yr awesome...i watch make it or break it only for u

  3. i know..that feeling of immense ecstasy..of going to wacth your "first live concert"..just blows your mind off!.and you want nowhere else to be! and to top it off..janet jackson!!!XD

  4. Hey Chelsea,

    This comment does not relate to the picture, but I did not see where else to put it.

    Did you ever see the movie, The Breakfast Club? Every time I watch you on MIOBI you remind me so much of Ally Sheedy. I am wondering if anyone else has ever told you that.

  5. Hey! Just found your blog and I'm so excited to see that you write one and that you don't have a million comments on here so that you might actually read this. :-) Do you have a facebook?

    Anyways, I love watching Make It Or Break It!! And you are so pretty as well!

  6. OMG you're awesome, i'd love you follow me on twitter, i love watching make it or break it, you do it really great.

  7. hi there
    sooo cute that photo!!! Well this is the first time i see ur blog, ive actually found it 5 mins ago and i wanted to let u know that i love ur acting skills!! im from uruguay (south america) and ive just started watching MOBI and i love it! well hope u read this!
    (sorry if there are any misspelling my native language is spanish).

  8. Chelsea, you look exactly the same!Only with a darker hair. And btw nice blog,it's rly cool, here in Brazil many artists are adopting the same idea :) Tc!

  9. Hello Chelsea.

    My name is Janaína, i'm from Brazil and i love your show. I don't know if it's true so excuse me if i'm wrong, but i have read that you are pregnant of your second child and it's confirmed to be a baby boy. I happened to know that when i (googled) about your character in third season. I got sad to not see you in Worlds Competition at "Make it or Break it" but knowing of it's reason made me really happy for you, i wish you all the bless and happiness, for you and your baby.I don't know if this blog is real but either way i loved it. God be with you.