Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twitter art contest!

Okay so this might be a fun idea.

I need a new twitter background, and as much as I love my dear friend artist, CHASE www.theartofchase.com I wanna switch it up for the premiere of Make It Or Break It. So I am going to do a sort of contest for my new twitter background.

Submit your art to chelseasbeautyproject@gmail.com (ignore the name, it's from my last and unfinished project). It can be art, photos from make it or break it, photos of our cast, or anything relating to the cast and show or even gymnastics. use your inner artist and go for it!

I will use the winning pic as my background on my twitter page starting on the day of our premiere (Monday June 28th) and will keep it up for the remainder of the airing of the 10 episodes!

Feel free to put your signature on the bottom so everyone knows who did it :)

I can't WAIT to see your submissions!

XO Chelsea


  1. when do we have to have it in by?

  2. sorry for offtop, but I watched film "Confessions of a Go-Go girl" and you are fantastic actor.

  3. Just wanted to say I'm super excited for the premiere of MIOBI on Monday. What a nice 21st birthday present! :)

  4. thats cool :) isn't today the premiere??? u should post whichever background or whatever you chose!

  5. ahhhrggggg I arrived late ... too bad... I just finished a painting inspired by the gymnastics ... what a shame :( bye Teo

  6. uau, it's really Chelsea Hobbs? i love MIOBI! i'm from Brazil and here my friends and i love it!
    you make my favorate caracter in the series.

    you are great!
    :* bye

  7. Yo! Just to tag off that last comment, I'm from Australia and I just recently discovered MIOBI! I'm so hooked and just watched all of season 1 in 2 days..can't wait till the following season :)
    Chelsea, you're appreciated all over the world!