Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life of an Entertainer

Sam Sarpong. He's been a friend and big brother to me since I worked with him on a pilot for Fox when I was 17.
LA can be a lonely city, and moving out here with no friends and family was ROUGH!
Thank god for Sam being family to me when I had none; and when I came THIS close to getting my dream role after 5 callbacks and didn't get the part, he encouraged me to keep my head up (and this happened much more than a handful of times).
Sam always believed in me.

So here we are, 8 years later. Now he has done tons of films and tv (with a great building music career) and has a show coming out about his life, on BET. He has filmed his going ons in Hollywood for over 10 years and is now bringing it all together in show format. Now every one can see what it really takes to make it in Hollywood. The ups and downs.

Subsequently, he has aired a clip of an episode I'm in with him. It's amazing because in the clip are clips of me when I was 17. Check out the show when it airs (gotta check the date on that) and you will see his amazing journey and even us at auditions together (or actually him taking me to auditions and calming me down haha)

Love. peace. Chels



  1. Sam is awesome for supporting you :)

  2. You're very lucky to have friends like that. Don't let them run away. After all, without them we were nothing! =)

    Great video btw!

  3. so this may be off topic (btw you're lucky to have a great friend)nut i was wondering if there was going to be a 3rd season of make it or break it?? but excuse me if i'm late on the topic

    add me on f