Monday, March 15, 2010

10 of my favorite things...

So I have been bothered by the fact that I haven't done a blog since October. I'm going to be better about that now, and appreciate you all checking back for updates even when I'm gone for months. Let's start new and to start of my blogging again I'm just going to post a few of my favorite things... So here you go:

1. - Awesome if you have a shoe fetish (like most women do) but your bank account doesn't appreciate your fetish as much as you do. You get a new pair of shoes every month and a stylist makes monthly suggestions for you to choose from! All for about $39 a month! Yup guilty pleasure right here...

2. - I love this magazine and their website. It inspires and encourages me to eat healthy and cook healthy. Also very informative about what to buy and what's going into the food we are eating, and how to eat to lose weight or feel your best!

3. - This stuff has gotten me through colds in a day. I can't recommend it enough. Take it at the beginning of your cold and you will be thanking me. Also take less capsules daily as a homeopathic health maintenance for your immune system. They even make it for kids!

4. - Okay, you wanna get into shape.. you asked for it. This is a 12 DVD workout plan that will WHIP you into shape in 12 weeks. Based on muscle confusion, this has a different type of workout all the time so you don't plateau but instead keep getting more cut and closer to your goal faster! And you don't get BORED!!!

5. - By FAR the most underrated shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is huge in other countries, but North America is very obsessed with label and price. "If it's more expensive it must work better" not true. I've been given every expensive brand under the sun and why I love this stuff is it's under $5 a bottle and they have so many different products. Dry hair, hard to grow long hair, limp hair, colored hair... you name it. It is really good stuff and why spend $50 on a bottle when it's all made in the same factory?

6. - I love watching this show and learning. Simple as that. He's kinda cool and I learn a lot about health and good tips, etc.

7. This is my favorite store to shop. So I couldn't leave it out. They have Womens, Mens and Kids. LOVE their stuff. I've also heard that they might be doing online shopping soon... hmmm.

8. and - These are two sites that are amazing in helping people and causes around the world. If you feel helpless and don't know how to contribute all you have to do is signup and/or sign a petition for a cause and you will get sent different emails with options to do your part. Signing a petition is a good place to start and a great way to do your part. There are options to donate as well, or buy their cool apparel.

9. - I love their sound and the covers they do. Beautiful, and takes me to a place. I listen to these guys on my way to work.

10. - My new favorite artist. His voice is classic yet so unique, and his music really is beautiful. I listen to him on my way to work too, and think he's going to blow up once everyone hears what he has to offer.

There you go! 10 of my favorite things... hope you enjoy, can't wait to hear what you think. Maybe they will become your favorites too.

XO Chelsea


  1. totally agree on garnier fructis.. I've been using it for quite a while, it's definitely on my favorite list!

  2. #7 is my fav store to shop at too :)

  3. I use garnier fructis all the time here in Aus. It is so good. Shoe Dazzle I love as well although I can't actually buy the shoes, I don't if this is a good or bad thing though

  4. Garnier yes. What is shoe dazzle exactly??

    I'm a huge fan, Chelsea! you are really talented. =)

  5. You have inspired me to try garnier! :) :)

    I also am a huge fan! Awesome Blog!! :)

  6. I've heard about shoedazzle. I saw Kim Kardashian talking about it and I've actually visited the site and their terms about the service is actually pretty nice. I'm thinking about trying it sometime.

    I love garnier products, it's one of the hair products that I often use and I agree, expensive does not necessarily mean that it will work better.

    The eating well website/magazine seems very interesting. I love to cook and I have been trying to cook a little more healthier foods.
    And I must give that beach body workout a try.

    I've heard of Pauly Boy, I think his music has been featured on the show and I found his sound very interesting.

    Glad to see you blogging again. Congrats on Season 1 of the show and I can't wait for Season 2 =D

  7. Hey there, a bit random.. but... you are totally my fave from Make it or Break it. And I totally think that your character should go and find wherever Damon is :P Anyway, keep up the great work.
    - Love a fan

  8. Thanks for the ShoeDazzle recommendation! Very cool, hadn't heard of that before.

  9. I want only an autograph but i live in italy please help me XD