Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A sweet fan named Mary has taken over the fan site realm and created

Check it out, she did an awesome job and will have all the up to date info and news on miobi, etc. :)


Here is also some other fan art I thought should be shared:) Such great creative people out there!


  1. That is talent! And speaking of talent... Chelsea, on MIOBI you are amazing! I've never loved watching tv as much as I do now, well ever since MIOBI aired! What's it like watching yourself on tv every monday nights at 9?

    p.s. I'm so sad knowing it's the season finale next monday, I can't wait till the new season comes out! It's going to be so good.

  2. Aww Chelsea, you posted my graphic! LOL I made it for Mary to use on the site! I'm glad she shared it with you and glad you both liked it. :) Hope things are going well with you and the family!!