Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bob's Backyard

So in doing all of this conditioning, etc for Perfect 10, my gymnastics trainer Carolyn decided to spice it up for me so I wouldn't get bored. We went to a place called 'Bob's Backyard'. And it's literally stunt legend Bob Yerkes’ backyard. This guy is in his 70's and has been around since Elvis was doing stunts. He has worked with everyone on everything (including Circus with the Stars) and decided to turn his backyard into a place for stunt wannabes from around the world to come and train (without any trainers). There are old trailers everywhere and people living in them. Crazy.
So, here are some pics and you can see that people started to file in and train. Pros and beginners.

This is the inside of one of the trailers someone would stay in.

Practicing on silks.

Here is the craziest; you know when you see someone in a movie go flying through the air after an explosion or something? Ever wonder how they do it? Nitro.

Without the nitro:

With the nitro:

All they do is run up to a small board/platform and then it sends them flying through the air. It's apparently the most dangerous thing in the stunt world. I can imagine why.

Here's  a video about Bob.

Chels: )


  1. Looks fun. Are you returning to MIOBI?? I know fans miss you!

  2. Did it spice up your training? My 10 yr old daughter trains on the silks. Has been for 3 yrs now and loves it. Did you get to try the silks?